Taking a backup of your IKS Clusters

To Discover & Backup your IKS Clusters, navigate to Disaster Recovery from the side menu and select Discover IKS Clusters tab.

Start the discovery process of your existing IKS Clusters by selecting your desired Cloud Account and Region and click on Discover.

Once the discovery is complete, select a VPC from the list to view all of its discovered IKS Clusters. Next, click on your desired IKS Cluster to view the detailed information of the Workloads present in the cluster and their respective Namespace, Pod, SVC and PVC.

Next, select the Workloads you want to backup and click on Create Backup. Give your backup a Name and click Confirm and Backup.

Once the backup of your workloads is created, it will be displayed under the Back IKS Cluster Backups tab in the respective Cloud Account.

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