Supported Migration Use Cases

The Database & Content Migration service provides specialized migrators for Databases, Content, Files, VMs from on-prem to cloud or across clouds in a fully automated manner.

With our current set of Migrators, you can perform the following migrations:

  • VMware VMs(Windows/Linux) to cloud-native VMs
  • Oracle SQL to MS SQL, MySQL to MS SQL or MySQL
  • MongoDB to MongoDB to and from on-prem, public or private cloud Migration
  • Migrate Files/Content from Linux/Windows Servers
  • Migrate legacy Windows Servers to cloud native VMs
  • Firewall Migrations

Wanclouds also offers specialized and customized service for cross-database migrations as to help you shift from a certain type of database to a completely new flavor of database.

This feature is available through Wanclouds’ Migration as a Service offering.

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