Provisioning your VPC

You can either provision your entire VPC or select the components that you want to provision now, allowing you to migrate the rest at a later time. To select components for provisioning, enable the Select for Provisioning option like shown below and choose the components you would like to provision.

After you have selected the components, click the checkmark next to Select for Provisioning button to confirm your selection. Once done, click on Continue and then Provision to start the provisioning process.

Note: Provisioning can take a significant amount of time depending on the size of your instances and images. There are several processes that run in the background during migration e.g. capturing the images, exporting them to Cloud Object Storage, converting them to the required VPC format, and importing them into the VPC infrastructure, etc. These processes take a lot of time depending upon the size of images and transfer rates.

When the provisioning process is complete, you will see a success message.

Once provisioned, your workspace will be saved so you can edit or provision the remaining components of your VPC.

Workspaces help you provision selective components of your VPC so you can migrate your environment in multiple iterations.

To access your workspaces, click Migrate > Discover. Your current workspaces will be displayed under VPC Workspaces.

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