• Onboarding: Wanclouds assists in customer onboarding to its VPC+ SaaS platform.
  • Deployment Setup: Add IBM Cloud and IBM Power LPARs to the platform.
  • DRaaS Agent Deployment: Deploy Wanclouds DRaaS agent for Backup and Restore functionalities, discovering AIX, IBMi, and Linux on Power LPARs.
  • DR Site Selection: Choose IBM PowerVS as the disaster recovery and migration site.
  • Custom Backup Creation: Create custom system backups from running LPARs.
  • Data Backup: Backup user data into Cloud Object Storage using user-defined backup policies.
  • Data Storage: Store system and user data backups in IBM Cloud buckets.
  • Restoration Process: Restore system and user data backups on PowerVS.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Verify restored server readiness through UAT.
  • Production Ready: After UAT completion, the server is ready for production use.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Wanclouds offer products and services to automate and solve challenges related to Cloud Migrations & Disaster Recovery.

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