Collecting the information you will need

The information you need to start your migration process will depend on your source and destination cloud environments but will generally consist of the following:

IBM Cloud classic to IBM Cloud VPC

You can get a detailed overview of gathering the information you need for IBM Cloud classic to IBM Cloud VPC at the IBM Cloud docs page here.

Account informationDetails
1. IBM Cloud UsernameYou will need your IBM Cloud username to add your cloud account.
2. API keysA classic infrastructure API key and an IBM Cloud API key (VPC API key). Your IBM Cloud API key (VPC API key) must have “Reader, Writer” access. You can verify the level of access in IBM Cloud console by clicking Manage > Access (IAM) and selecting Authorizations.
3. IBM Cloud Object Storage and resource instance ID (service credentials)Your Object Storage bucket is used to store your images and volumes during the migration process and its resource instance ID allows VPC+ by Wanclouds to access your IBM Cloud Object Storage and import the images that you want to migrate. For more information, see IBM Cloud Object Storage getting started tutorial and Service credentials.
4. (Optional) VRA (Vyatta 5600) configuration fileIf you want to migrate your Access Control Lists, VPN gateways, and public gateways, you need a VRA configuration file. Use a .txt file format. JSON format is not supported.

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