Creating your account

To get started on VPC+, follow these instructions:

  • Confirm your email address and login to your newly created account on
  • Enter valid credentials and click on login button, A pin code has been sent to your email
  • Enter the pin code for 2FA authentication
  • Once VPC+ Admin Approved the registration and you will be notify by email for Approval of Account
  • Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Offered Services page, Click on “Continue”

  • “Click here to Start using VPC+”

  • you will be redirected to the Summary page where you can add your AWS Cloud account and get started.

  • Under the AWS Cloud tab, click on Add Account to add your Cloud account.

  • Give this account a Name and enter the Access Key and Secret Key for your AWS Cloud account and enable Cost Management if you want to view billing details of aws account . This will be used to discover your AWS cloud environment.
  • Once you click on Add, your AWS cloud account will be added and all of its resources will automatically be discovered.

Note: You can view and manage all your added AWS cloud accounts here in the list view.

Once you add your AWS Cloud account, you are ready to explore VPC+ and create/manage your AWS Cloud VPCs and their resources.

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